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The HRET HIIN project aims to reducing all-cause inpatient harm by 20 percent and readmissions by 12 percent in participating hospitals. A key component to making patient care safer in your hospital is to track your progress towards improvement using clinical data.

Data Tools. The HRET HIIN project provides a number of tools to support you in this effort. Specifically, the Encyclopedia of Measures (EOM) which serves as the measure reference guide for core evaluation and additional required topic measures. Tracking your data in this manner will provide you with the valuable information you need to study your data across time using run charts, and determine the effect your improvement strategies are having in your hospital at reducing patient harm.

Submitting Data.  If your hospital will be joining the HRET HIIN NHSN group to confer rights to the data from NHSN, the NHSN Group Instructions will guide you through this process.

The Comprehensive Data System is the secure, web-based data collection and reporting system that hospitals use for HIIN. For instructions on how to set up user accounts in CDS, please see the guide for hospitals that are NEW to CDS, and another guide for RETURNING hospitals. These Quick Start Guides cover logging into CDS and walk you through how to set up user accounts for your hospital.

For instructions on how to perform data entry in CDS, please see the CDS Data Entry Quick Start Guide.

Using Data to Improve. To learn how to view and  track your data to drive improvement by using the Comprehensive Data System’s (CDS) reporting features, please see the CDS Report Guide.

Tracking Safety Across the Board. The HIIN Improvement Calculator enables hospitals to use data collected via the Comprehensive Data System (CDS) to calculate, and track, a "total harm per discharge" rate in pursuit of safety across the board. This Excel-based tool provides a simple end-user experience and not only calculates harms per discharge, but also calculates and displays harms prevented, lives saved, and costs saved. Users should take the time to review the “Instructions” tab included directly in the tool.

These short video snippets are approximately 7 – 10 minutes each in length. You can binge watch the whole series, or simply select the individual topic that interests you now, and come back later for the rest! You can view them on-demand at a time that is most convenient to you.

Our first release is a series of 4 video tutorials that provide a demonstration of the Comprehensive Data System (CDS). See below for a short description of each tutorial and a link to view the recordings.

HIIN Data Tutorial: Comprehensive Data System (CDS) Getting Started

New to HIIN and need to get set up in CDS? This tutorial will explain what CDS is, how to access CDS, how to get logged as a new or returning user, how to set up additional user accounts, review the different roles in CDS, explain what to do if you have forgotten your CDS password, review the system requirements for use of CDS, and let you know where to go if you need technical assistance.

HIIN Data Tutorial: Comprehensive Data System (CDS) Data Entry

Ready to enter data for HIIN? This tutorial will walk you through how to enter your needs assessment, baseline, monitoring data for the HIIN project. You will also learn data entry tips, where to go for measurement resources, how to edit data after you have already entered it, and review the point-of-entry data validation checks that CDS offers.


HIIN Data Tutorial: Comprehensive Data System (CDS) Reporting Part 1

Track, check, compare, and customize your data reporting! This tutorial is the first of two videos that review the reporting features in CDS. This tutorial will walk you through the Individual Measure, All Measures, and Custom Data reports. These reports allow you view and track your progress across time in both run chart and table format, export your data, compare your progress to other hospitals in your state or others in the HIIN, allows you to customize reports for your needs, and much more!

HIIN Data Tutorial: Comprehensive Data System (CDS) Reporting Part 2

Visualize, strategize, prioritize, and drill down into your data! This tutorial is the second of two videos that review the reporting features in CDS. This tutorial will review the Data Submission, Current Improvement, and Relative Improvement. These reports will help you track your progress toward meeting the HIIN harm reduction goals, aid in identifying missing data points, allow you to view improvement progress for multiple measure at a time on one run chart, aids in the identification of both areas of improvement as well as measure-specific successes, and much more!


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