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Quality Improvement Fellowships

Foundations for Change

This fellowship is tailored to those who are new to quality improvement. Throughout the fellowship, we will discuss tools like aim statements, driver diagrams and run charts. You will learn to develop and sustain momentum, mitigate common improvement pitfalls and recruit and inspire others to join in your efforts!

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Accelerating Improvement

This fellowship is personalized for those who are looking to assess whether their quality improvement efforts are set up for success. You will learn to utilize data to identify, drive and sustain performance improvement, plan for spread and scale and diminish common improvement difficulties. Lastly, this fellowship will explore reliability and sustainability and how it relates to quality work.

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Upcoming Events


HRET HIIN QI Fellowship Foundational Track Virtual Event

March 1, 2017 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. CT


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HRET HIIN QI Fellowship Foundational Track Virtual Event

March 15, 2017 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. CT


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Watch the QI Informational Sesson

By watching this recording, you can learn more about this program and how to sign up for the fellowship!

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The QI fellowship is a professional learning environment that is completely free of charge to those who chose to participate. It is a network of clinicians and quality improvement workers who strive to continually make health care better and safer for all patients. The fellowship includes virtual education events and webinars, office hours, a QI project, and access to IHI’s Open School.

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We will be providing the opportunity to join either the Foundations for Change fellowship track, or the Accelerating Improvement fellowship track.

 Foundations for Change Fellowship  Accelerating Improvement Fellowship


 Tailored to those who are new to quality improvement:

  • deploy tools such as aim statements, driver diagrams, and run charts
    to initiate and nurture improvement
  • galvanize others to participate in your improvement efforts
  • develop and sustain momentum
  • mitigate common improvement pitfalls


 Fellows will learn how to:

  • assess whether your QI efforts are set up for success
  • utilize data to identify, drive,
    and sustain performance improvement
  • ensure process reliability and sustainability
  • plan for spread and scale
  • mitigate common improvement pitfalls
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Being a fellow means being a healthcare quality improvement champion! It is a year-long commitment that includes creating and implementing a QI project, collaborating with peers and mentors, and attending and actively participating in webinars and other virtual events.

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In order to receive a certificate, fellows will be given detailed criteria prior to their commitment in joining. It will include a certain amount of virtual events attended as well as the implementation of a QI project within your hospital.

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