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Diagnostic Error Change Package: Improving Diagnosis in Medicine

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Diagnostic Error | Resource type: Change Package

Improving Diagnosis in Medicine is a tool to help reduce patient safety incidents caused by actions during the diagnostic process. Developed through clinical practice sharing, organization input, and contributions from subject matter experts, patients, and families, this change package is designed to help users identify the circumstances under which diagnostic errors can occur and engage all team members, especially patients and families. This change package includes a menu of strategies, change concepts, and specific actionable items that any hospital can implement. It includes case studies that will guide users in adapting tested interventions and building the infrastructure and support necessary to develop a learning organization capable of responding to adverse events related to diagnosis, thus reducing the risk for harm to patients. This change package is intended to be complementary to literature reviews and other evidence-based tools and resources.

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