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Health Equity Organizational Assessment (HEOA)

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Health Care Disparities | Resource type: Fact Sheet

To support the reduction of disparities in care, HRET HIIN provided guidance for hospitals to collect seven key metrics, where each identifies the level of hospital implementation to reduce disparities. The seven metrics align with research in the field on how and where hospitals have the most impact to reduce disparities.

Metric Categories Include

  1. Data collection
  2. Data collection training
  3. Data validation
  4. Data stratification
  5. Communicate findings
  6. Address and resolve gaps in care
  7. Organizational infrastructure and culture

Please use this guide to determine the appropriate level of implementation for each of the seven HRET HIIN health equity metrics. Upon completing the survey, HRET HIIN advises reviewing the results with a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team to develop an action plan and transition strategies to improve health equity and patient safety, as well as quality of care. As you identify gaps in a hospital’s level of implementation, please refer to the resources toward the end of the document to support the hospital in transitioning between levels.

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