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HEN 2.0 CAUTI - Eliminating CAUTI Use of Alternatives

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) | Resource type: Webinar

This webinar will take a look at the most recent HEN CAUTI data with a short presentation by Mark Plunkett, Data Analyst, HRET. Next, Linda Greene, Infection Prevention Manager, UR Highland Hospital describes alternatives to the urinary catheter. Followed by Connie Faircloth and Kelly Henry, Infection Prevention Nurses, University Hospital sharing foley alternatives and the associated barriers. Learn these things and much more valuable information when you take a look at this webinar.


This recording is a simultaneous interpretation of the live event. All statements, recommendations and treatment guidelines should be consulted in the original oral or written language format.