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HEN 2.0 Soap Up Hand Hygiene Game

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: UP Campaign, SOAP Up | Resource type: Webinar

The Soap Up Webinar begins with Maryanne Whitney and Pat Teske, Improvement Advisors, Cynosure Health describing a fresh look at hand hygiene compliance with the “SOAP-UP” framework. These experts will later discuss the balance between a “just culture” and “accountability” and how to monitor hand hygiene compliance with this balance. Deborah Acevedo and Miriam Cotto, Hospital UPR share their experience in establishing a hand hygiene program. Pat Posa, Quality Excellence Leader, St. Joseph Mercy Health System begins a discussion with participants about leveraging the new fresh approach with the UP Campaign. Hear this conversation and much more when you check out this webinar.


This recording is a simultaneous interpretation of the live event. All statements, recommendations and treatment guidelines should be consulted in the original oral or written language format.