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HRET HIIN Culture of Safety Event | Preventing Workplace Violence

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Culture of Safety | Resource type: Webinar

Hospitals and health systems are committed to making their communities and workplaces a safer place. The key is preventing violence within hospital facilities to ensure the safety of staff and patients. HRET HIIN has collaborated with AHA's Hospitals Against Violence (HAV) and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) to address the issue of workplace violence in hospitals and health systems. In this webinar, speakers Laura Castellanos, HAV Associate Director, and Kevin Tuohey and Roy Williams from IAHSS will discuss and present strategies to prepare for, respond to, and prevent workplace violence.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the impact of workplace violence in hospitals at the national level
  • Understand the different types of violence and its impact from within or outside the hospital
  • Learn the importance of collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in planning, training, and responding to workplace violence
  • Gain knowledge on the tools and resources available to assist in preparing and responding the workplace violence
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