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HRET HIIN Diagnostic Error | Promoting Diagnostic Stewardship: Effectively Reducing Diagnostic Errors

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Diagnostic Error | Resource type: Webinar

Diagnostic errors come in many flavors, but over diagnosis - when you label someone with a condition they don't really have - often causes more harm than it is intended to prevent. Diagnostic stewardship is an emerging set of principles and methods to reduce avoidable diagnostic errors. During this interactive webinar, hear from leading national experts on diagnostic stewardship that describe an emerging literature and pragmatic ways to prevent the waste of time, energy, money and ultimately harm to patients that occurs all too often in hospitals. Bring your topics and questions to ask the experts. This webinar is valuable for QI, clinical laboratory, nursing and physician leadership - diagnostic stewardship is definitely a team sport.

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