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HRET HIIN HAPU Mini-series | Recognizing Pressure Injury

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Pressure Ulcers | Resource type: Webinar

In part one of the HRET HIIN Pressure Ulcer/Injury on demand mini-series, national expert Karen Zulkowski, DNS, RN, provides an overview of early recognition of pressure injuries and how to conduct head to toe skin assessments for the frontline nursing staff. Dr. Zulkowski reviews the use of visual and palpation for detection of injuries, how to assess darkly pigmented skin, how to differentiate injury etiology and communication and documentation tips for success. ‚Äč

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This recording is a simultaneous interpretation of the live event. All statements, recommendations and treatment guidelines should be consulted in the original oral or written language format.

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