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Sepsis Podcasts

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: Sepsis | Resource type: Podcasts

Invite your sepsis teams to listen to the following Podcasts. These sepsis discussions focus on challenges and opportunities regarding sepsis recognition and treatment to improve patient outcomes.

1. Pre-Hospital Sepsis Recognition & Treatment

Sepsis recognition and treatment is necessary at all the points of patient contact to ensure timely care. This podcast will explore two such points of patient contact which are critical roles in enhancing timely sepsis care: Emergency Medical Services and Critical Access and Rural Hospitals. Tune in to learn more.

2. Fluid Management for Sepsis

Fluid administration for severe sepsis and septic shock can be a point of contention with physicians and some organizations. This podcast provides discussion and evidence to support fluid resuscitation in the severe sepsis and septic shock population and the benefits of fluids for patients including those who have ESRD or CHF and present with sepsis. Listen and be challenged to encourage fluid resuscitation for your patients.

3. Post Op Sepsis SNAP Learnings

In 2017, HRET HIIN conducted a Post Op Sepsis SNAP (Safety Networks to Accelerate Performance) to learn together how best to prevent Post Op Sepsis. This podcast will share learnings from two hospitals who participated in the SNAP and discover ways to enhance prevention of post op sepsis. Listen to learn from you peers to better prevent post op sepsis.

4. Post Sepsis Syndrome

Post Sepsis Syndrome affects a large portion of hospitalized sepsis patients. This podcast explores the incidence and causes as well as potential prevention and treatment strategies for post sepsis syndrome. Listen up to learn ways to detect post sepsis syndrome.

5. Future of Sepsis

Sepsis recognition, treatment and definitions are constantly evolving with improved research and understanding in this topic. This podcast reviews the evolution of the sepsis definitions and looks toward the future and the research that is currently taking place. Make sure your MD’s tune into this one. They will not want to miss it.

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