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Sepsis is diagnosed in over one million patients each year in the United States (Hall et al., 2011). Furthermore, septicemia treatment resulted in an estimated $20.3 billion or 5.2 percent of the total cost for all hospitalizations and was the most expensive condition treated in the year 2011 (Hall et al., 2011). Not only is sepsis expensive and prevalent, patients diagnosed with sepsis are estimated to have a mortality rate of 28 to 50 percent (Angus, 2001). Learn more from Carl Flatley who founded the Sepsis Alliance after the death of his daughter, Erin.

The risk of mortality and urgency when treating all stages of sepsis, from sepsis to septic shock, drove the development of the three and six hour bundles, which are approved by the National Quality Forum as the first scientifically sound, valid and reliable elements for the care of the septic patient (Dellinger, 2013). These bundles prompt the completion of the indicated tasks within the first three to six hours after the identification of septic symptoms – 100 percent of the time.


20 percent reduction in Sepsis by 2019.

Partnership for Patients (PfP) Goal