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Welcome to the HRET Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN)!

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services awarded the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) a two-year HIIN contract (with an optional third year based on performance), to continue efforts to reduce all-cause inpatient harm by 20 percent and readmissions by 12 percent by 2018. An American Journal of Medical Quality article, written by HRET staff, explores the relationship between engagement in improvement activities and affected quality measures.

According to AHRQ, an estimated 125,000 fewer patients died in the hospital and approximately $28 billion in health care costs were saved as a result of reductions in Hospital Acquired Conditions.  Although the precise causes of the decline in patient harm are not fully understood, the increase in safety occurred during a period of concerted attention by hospitals throughout the country to reduce adverse events, including the work of hospitals that participated the Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) and HEN 2.0.


HIINs Achieve Goal of Recruiting 4,000+ Hospitals!

The CMS Partnership for Patients (PfP) team would like to personally congratulate the Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIINs), our Federal and private partners as well as the active engagement of patients on achieving the bold target of engaging a minimum of 4,000 acute care hospitals in this important quality improvement work. With your continuous dedication and support, on May 1, 2017, the HIINs achieved the ambitious goal of recruiting 4,011 of the nation's acute care hospitals into the PfP. This represents the largest number of hospitals committed to achieving the bold aims since the inception of the PfP work in 2011. Of note: we have seen an increase in the number of rural hospitals included in this work as well as the inclusion of both Tribal and Indian Health Services hospitals.

As we continue our journey through 2019, the Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks and their 4,011+ constituent hospitals will continue to work toward the achievement of a 20 percent decrease in overall patient harm and a 12 percent reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions. The establishment of these new goals dramatically raises the bar for improvements in patient safety in the acute care hospital setting with a higher number of acute inpatient hospitals than ever before. In partnership with each HIIN, CMS strives to continue strong momentum in sustaining the national engagement and momentum achieved through active collaboration with a wide variety of partners, including importantly, patients and their families. CMS believes that the work of the Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks, working as part of the Quality Improvement Organizations' work to improve patient safety and the quality of care in the Medicare program, will continue the great strides made in improving the care provided to beneficiaries.


Get MOC Part IV Credit!

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has announced that the American Hospital Association (AHA) has joined the ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program™ (Portfolio Program). Hospitals and health systems participating in the AHA’s Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) can now facilitate Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) credit for physicians who are Board Certified by one of the 21 of 24 ABMS Member Boards participating in the Portfolio Program.

The HRET HIIN is the first HIIN in the country to offer this service to its more than 1,600 participating hospitals. Through ABMS MOC Part IV credit, physicians can meet the requirements for maintaining their certification while meaningfully participating in quality improvement programs in their organizations. Partnering on ABMS MOC Part IV will also reduce duplication of quality improvement efforts. Physicians will earn credit for their work with the HRET HIIN hospitals on any of the HIIN-related hospital-acquired condition topics. This is an exciting opportunity for physicians and hospitals to continue their collaboration and create meaningful – and sustained – improvements in patient safety.

HRET will provide an online registration for all physicians interested in participating. A FAQ guide for the HRET HIIN state partners can be found here.


Get Connected! Join the HRET HIIN LISTSERV® Mailing Lists

HRET HIIN has nine topic-specific LISTSERV® Mailing Lists that provide answers to your questions from subject matter experts, resources, upcoming events, peer-to-peer networking and shared innovative approaches to reduce harm.  Participating HRET HIIN hospitals and partners are welcome to join any or all of the LISTSERV®.

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Get Results! Utilize HRET HIIN Data Tools

The HRET HIIN project provides data tools to support you:

Encyclopedia of Measures (EOM)

The EOM is the measure reference guide for core evaluation and additional required topic measures.

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Comprehensive Data System

The secure, web-based collection and reporting system that hospitals use for HIIN. For instructions on how to access the CDS, there is a CDS Quick Start Guide for hospitals that are NEW to CDS, and for Returning hospitals.

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HIIN Improvement Calculator

The HIIN Improvement Calculator enables hospitals to use data collected via the Comprehensive Data System (CDS) to calculate, and track, a "total harm per discharge" rate in pursuit of safety across the board. This Excel-based tool provides a simple end-user experience and not only calculates harms per discharge, but also calculates and displays harms prevented, lives saved, and costs saved. Users should take the time to review the “Instructions” tab included directly in the tool.

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Check out the New HIIN Data Video Tutorials!

These short seven to ten minute video snippets on our data page are easy to follow guides on our data tools that allow you to binge watch the whole series, or simply select the individual topic that interests you now, and come back later for the rest! Our first release is a series of four video tutorials that provide a demonstration of the Comprehensive Data System (CDS).

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