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HEN 2.0 UP Campaign - Move It or Lose It

Published: by American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust

Topic: UP Campaign, GET Up | Resource type: Webinar

Maryanne Whitney and Jackie Conrad, Improvement Advisors, Cynosure Health will start the Get Up webinar with explaining how going back to the basics with progressive mobility can impact seven hospital-acquired conditions. Followed by Amie Bulliard, Director of Quality, St. Martin Hospital sharing their hospital’s recommendations on how to activate the interdisciplinary team to get patients back on their feet. Concluding the webinar was Kim Radant, Patient Safety/Quality Advisor, Indiana Patient Safety Center and Maryanne Whitney addressing participants questions and concerns. A great discussion with up close and personal consultation was provided. To learn more take a look at this webinar.


This recording is a simultaneous interpretation of the live event. All statements, recommendations and treatment guidelines should be consulted in the original oral or written language format.